DREAM INSPIRATION CENTER shall be a serene assembly where kingdoms facts will be coming on people as the dew of Hermon. A great city of light,a divine place of encounter and provision far beyond our comprehension. The center of excellence encounter where dreams are formed and nurtured. Where talents are discovered and groomed. Where weakness transforms to strength. Where timidity were redefined as boldness. Where the most tiny ray of light were framed to stardom.

A school of mental empowerment, a place of destiny model, a center of inspiration, a spiritual service center, A spiritual theater of kingdom advancement. TREASURES,A GOLDMINE OF STARS.

VISION-It all began in 1994,when God spoke to me at University of Ibadan. ”Son, look around and see my people experiencing things that are taking them before their time”. This vision continued for almost an hour with great multitude of people’s potentials buried in the graveyard. The wealthiest and the richest place on the planet earth is the GRAVEYARD. There in the cementry are books that were written,songs that were never sung,dream that were never fulfilled and the vision that never became a reality. The greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without a purpose.

  My son did not pay the tremendous price so that my people will die without fulfilling that creative purpose on earth. NO,NO,NO,MY SON,rise up and challenge them now. It was then the Lord mandated me to go”I am sending you to be a partaker











One thought on “WELCOME!

  1. Your teachings, lectures were blessings to Soul, Spirit and Body. More Grace to function till you finish your assignment well and strong in Jesus name, amen.


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